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Extraordinary Vessels - Ancient Sinews

19. Oktober 2018 bis 21. Oktober 2018 – ehemaliger Gemeindesaal Schalunen, Schalunen

Extraordinary Vessels - Ancient Sinews–TCVM-Seminar: Exploration of the Extraordinary Vessels: From Classical Perspective to Clinical Application - The Ancestral Sinews – Understanding their role in Chronic Disease Patterns with Linda Boggie, DVM

The Extraordinary Vessels are the foundational channel system of the body, formed in the developing embryo.

They provide the groundwork for all of the other channel systems of the body and continue to support these channels throughout the life of an individual. They have been called the “reservoirs and drainage ditches” of the Primary channels.

Over two days we will explore and discuss the Extraordinary Vessels; the roles that they play in the development of and throughout life of an individual.

Clinical examples from practice will be given for each of the vessels to demonstrate their use in animals.
The Ancestral Sinews are related to and supported by the Extraordinary Vessels.

They can also be involved in chronic patterns of disease or musculoskeletal problems. The role that they play in chronic patterns will be discussed; their diagnosis and treatment will also be demonstrated with patients form clinical practice as well as case demonstration.

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19. Oktober 2018 bis 21. Oktober 2018


ehemaliger Gemeindesaal Schalunen
Bernstrasse 53314 SchalunenSchweiz